Why PLA tea bags?

Why PLA tea bags?

Using environmentally friendly PLA made out of cornstarch, these tea bags have a natural ability to decompose and 

have been classified as GreenPla by Japan's JBPA. 

With biodegradable and SGS certifications that comply with food safety standards,
High Tea gives you peace of mind when you drink our products! 

PLA (Poly Lactic Acid)

Poly Lactic Acid is mainly made from natural starch or sugars in corn, beet, wheat, and sweet potato that undergo fermention, dehydration, and polymerization. Our triangular tea bags made out of PLA are colorless and odorless and can decompose naturally or burned without generating any toxic gases. 

High Tea's PLA Tea Bags 

In line with Taiwan's and international food packaging safety regulations, our tea bags are non-toxic, non-heavy metal with no plasticizers that are classified as GreenPLA. We've made our tea bags with your health in view, so that you can use our products confidently!