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Incomparable in the Industry  

Global Modern Tea Academy

With the rising number of strong competition in the tea industry,   how can specialty stores stand out? 

Quickly find the following conditions

Market Trends

Stable Quality

Create Unique
Product Flavors

Turn Beverages
into Profit

with a professional tea raw materials factory supplier that can really help

Why you should choose HIGH TEA

High Tea Completely teaches courses on core tea drinks, easily transforming novice beginners to masters.

Sharing Knowledge

Non-traditional teaching methods, not withholding any secrets

Core Techniques

Learn core techniques, allowing you to innovate and create value

Exclusive Flavors

Leading industry in quality and flavor with exclusive raw material profit advantage


Others are just taking courses. High Tea teaches you knowledge.

Advocate healthy ingredients
Be a trend setter for beverages


30 years of raw material supply experience
Highly familiar with various channels 

Long time provider for domestic and international catering services, large-scale beverage chain brands and various channels using world famous tea materials, new brewing technology and equipment 


Continual development and  innovation, accumulating hundreds of exclusive formulas 

Giving our tea products a unique, distinct, and extraordinary multi-layered tea aroma – impressive tastes with a high degree of recognition. 


Developed a keen eye by being deeply involved in the tea industry

Long time supplier of many multinational tea chain stores, various channels and store owners, closely grasping trends of the international beverage market, teaching you popular drinks.


Teaching techniques while breaking through traditional processes

Sharing decades of industry-exclusive experience without secrets, deeply analyzing tea characteristics and uses so that you can create your own exclusive drinks


Combining market trends to easily create popular beverages

Always observing popular trends, creating multifaceted tea beverages that can be adapted or upgraded according to changes in the industry 


Exclusively and professionally customized to guarantee quality control for peace of mind

Best partnership with solid support and professional services just for you 

High Tea exclusively owns leading international tea refining technology with our own R&D team.Our strong and keen product development is deeply loved by international chain tea and catering brands. 

From raw materials to finished products, the entire process has passed safety inspections and quality control of high-standard factories that comply with international food safety certifications. 

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